Sexual Abuse Assessment & Treatment Program

About the Program

The Sexual Abuse, Assessment, and Treatment (SAAT) program offers comprehensive assessment and specialized intervention and treatment as follows:

  • For children and youth up to age 18 who have been sexually victimized
  • For children under age 12 who have sexually victimized other children: these children are engaged in behaviours that fall outside of what would normally be expected or appropriate at that age and stage of development.
  • For children and youth up to age 18 who have engaged in intrafamilial sexual abuse: children and youth within the same family, e.g., siblings, step-siblings, cousins; because the entire family is affected when this occurs the assessment is more complex and includes not only the children involved in the sexual behaviours but other family members as well


If you are interested in making a referral to the SAAT program, please call Contact Hamilton at 905-570-8888.

Contact Hamilton is the single point of access for children and youth mental health services in the Hamilton area until January 1, 2024.