Flamborough Program and School

The treatment program provides a caring, safe, therapeutic and stable environment for youth experiencing challenges with their mental health and who may be experiencing difficulties in their current living situation.

Quick Facts

  • 6-bed Intensive Out of Home Step-Up-Step Down Program.
  • Six to twelve weeks in duration.
  • All gendered youth ages 14-18 years.
  • Implemented at the Flamborough Site.
  • Referrals are made by contacting Access & System Navigation.
  • Family involvement is encouraged in treatment planning.

About the Program

The Flamborough Intensive Out of Home Step-Up-Step Down Program for six to twelve weeks in duration for youth 14-18 years of age experiencing significant social, emotional, mental health and/or behavioural difficulties The Flamborough Program is available to youth who are experiencing emotional, social and behavioural challenges related to their mental health.  These challenges are usually of an intensity and frequency that less intrusive interventions are would be unlikely to be of sufficient benefit to the youth and family.

The program is staffed by Child and Youth Workers, a Social Worker, a cook, maintenance personnel, with access to a clinical consultation model.

About the Flamborough School

Youth in the Flamborough Out of Home Program can also be registered to attend the Flamborough School Program.  This provides a therapeutic learning environment and is staffed by a full-time Child and Youth Worker, and a teacher who is employed by the local Board of Education.


Referrals to the Flamborough Intensive Out of Home Program may be made by clicking on Access & Service Navigation (ASN) or calling ASN at (905) 389-1361.

ASN is the single point of access for children and youth mental health services in the Hamilton area starting January 1, 2024.

Program Location

  • Flamborough Site
  • Site Address:
    831 Collinson Rd., Flamborough
  • Phone: 905-627-8475
  • Mailing address:
    133 King St. W., PO Box 65548
    Dundas ON L9H6Y6

Clinical Resources

The team can call on an array of clinical resources, including a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Therapist, FASD consultant, Clinical Assessments and Measures, and Complex Needs consultant. The ultimate goal of service is the re-integration of the youth to family or a less intrusive setting.