COMPASS Elementary Program

The COMPASS program is responsive to children whose histories of serious emotional, social, mental health and/or behavioural challenges have significantly interfered with their ability to function at school.

Together, Lynwood Charlton Centre and the school board offer Junior and Senior Classrooms, and provide an integrated treatment and educational service for 16 students between the ages of 6 and 13 years.

Quick Facts

  • 6 students 6 to 13 years old experiencing problems that interfere with their success at school.
  • Focus is on engagement between students, families and service providers to promote student growth.
  • Junior and Senior Classrooms are located at the Upper Paradise site.
  • The COMPASS Elementary Program is a joint service delivered by Lynwood Charlton Centre and the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board.

About the Program

The COMPASS Elementary Program strives to enhance partnership and engagement between families and service providers to promote student growth. We assist families in better understanding their child’s difficulties and finding new long-term solutions to tackle the challenges interfering with their child’s academic success.

Both children in an Intensive Out of Home Program with Lynwood Charlton or children rat home can access the program. Individual educational strategies, based on academic strengths, challenges, and performance levels are developed and implemented for each student. Clinical support is offered through various evidence-informed practices integrated into a weekly program with individual counselling, and multi-family group therapy sessions.

Our COMPASS Social Worker offers families an opportunity to address other struggles in their lives, including issues such as family dynamics and mental health. The social worker is also available to the family throughout the summer months.

Pre-discharge planning and post-discharge/transitional follow-up are seen as critical to the successful re-integration of the child to community schools. Upon transition, the COMPASS program will provide active staff coaching and participation with individual students in their receiving school environment. This support facilitates the child’s transition out of the on-site classroom to the mainstream school program.


Referrals to COMPASS Elementary Program are made through the student’s Board of Education alone, or through CONTACT Hamilton in conjunction with their Board of Education.

Program Location

  • Upper Paradise Site
  • 526 Upper Paradise,
    Hamilton, ON, L9C 5E3
  • 905-389-1361

Clinical Resources

The team can call on an array of clinical resources, including a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Therapist, FASD consultant, Clinical Assessments and Measures, and Complex Needs consultant.