Lynwood Hall Program

The Lynwood Hall Program is available to children experiencing emotional, social and behaviour difficulties, which are of such an intensity that intervention at a less intrusive level may not be of sufficient benefit to the child and their family.

Quick Facts

  • 8 beds for children aged 6 to 13 years experiencing emotional, social and behavioural difficulties and their families.
  • 1 bed available for respite care for children in other programs.
  • Located at the Upper Paradise site.
  • Referrals are required through Access & System Navigation.

About the Program

The service model offers two Phases of three-month treatment for a total of six months. There is also a respite period for three months following discharge from the six-month long program.

During Phase One, when children are first admitted to the program, they attend an intensive treatment program for 5-7 days a week for three months.

In Phase Two, the children receive treatment on-site for half a week and are visited at home by their Social Worker during the other half.

The model also offers weekly groups for children and parents, as well as scheduled individual and family sessions for the first six (6) months. Children in residence may attend their own school or may be referred to the Day Treatment classrooms at the Upper Paradise site.

Clinical Resources

The team can call on an array of clinical resources, including a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Therapist, FASD consultant, Clinical Assessments and Measures, and Complex Needs consultant.


Referrals to the Lynwood Hall Intensive Out of Home Program may be made by clicking on Access & Service Navigation (ASN) or calling ASN at (905) 389-1361.

ASN is the single point of access for children and youth mental health services in the Hamilton area starting January 1, 2024.

Program Location

  • Upper Paradise Site
  • 526 Upper Paradise
    Hamilton, ON, L9C 5E3
  • 905-389-1361

Individual Treatment Plans

The individualized plan of care is developed in accordance with each child’s situation and circumstances, their developmental stage, and their individual needs. The discharge plan is clearly laid out from the beginning of each child’s stay. Parents, or guardians, who are a vital part of the treatment team, attend regular meetings with a Social Worker and work closely with the professional Child and Youth Work staff.

The Lynwood Hall has eight (8) beds and accommodates four (4) children in each of the first two phases. There is also one (1) bed designated to provide respite care for children involved in other programs.

The program is staffed by professional Child and Youth Workers and one Social Worker. Additionally, there are two full-time night workers who monitor the children during the night.