GPS – Home

The goal of the GPS – Home is to strengthen the ability of children and youth with mental health needs to function more effectively in their homes or foster homes, schools and communities.

The client group includes, but is not exclusive to, families who may have a child or youth who is at risk of an out-of-home placement.

Quick Facts

  • Parents/caregivers parents of children and youth aged 4-18 years  who are at risk of out-of-home placement.
  • Runs out of the Upper Paradise site, but service is delivered in the families’ homes.
  • Referrals through Access & System Navigation (ASN) is required.

About the Program

Program staff will work intensively with parents/caregivers to further develop and build their skills and strengths to increase the family and the child/youth’s ability to function in the home. A skill building approach and teaching model of treatment is used. The program encourages parents/caregivers and children/youth to use their individual strengths to address their needs. This is accomplished through a process involving community services (if any are involved), informal supports and family members.

Our belief is that all family members can contribute to increased success for the child or youth and their family. The program typically uses family meetings in the home as a forum to address the goals identified by the family, as well as individual meetings and community-based meetings as necessary.

In-Home and Individualized

Generally, the service is offered in the family’s home. It employs flexible hours to meet with the child/youth and their family, and any other community resources involved with the family. This service is individualized and responsive to the family’s changing needs throughout the treatment process.


Referrals to the GPS Program may be made by clicking on Access & Service Navigation (ASN) or calling ASN at (905) 389-1361.

ASN is the single point of access for children and youth mental health services in the Hamilton area starting January 1, 2024.

Program Location

  • Upper Paradise Site
  • 526 Upper Paradise
    Hamilton, ON, L9C 5E3
  • 905-389-1361