Success Stories

“What helped me most was how supportive and amazing all of the staff are and how importance is placed on mental health and well-being, but at the same time on quality education – you develop essential learning skills.”

Erin, 15 years,
Compass Day Treatment Program

“Service connections and setting goals.”

Intensive Mental Health Student Services (IMHSS) Program

Working Together to Achieve Success

Countless elements go into supporting the mental well-being in all of our lives. Many children, youth and their families have achieved great successes during their treatment and involvement with Lynwood Charlton Centre. They've achieved it through partnership, commitment and the hard work we've done together.

Read some of their stories and statements below.

Kayla's story

Kayla's Experience and Advice for Others Interested in LCC

"My story begins with me in the hospital having migraines when I was in Grade 8.  Hospital staff thought I had a brain tumour, but after some tests realized that was not the case.  I met a doctor who worked with young people who had mental health struggles.  She diagnosed me with anxiety.  It was keeping me from attending school, it made me argue a lot with my mom and I lost a lot of friends because of it.

My mom spent tons of time looking for programs that would help me because I wasn’t attending school at all.  She found out about the Compass Day Treatment Program from another parent and then went back to my school to get them to refer me.

I met a lot of really great people when I was at Compass.  Staff were really nice and helpful.  I also met a lot of new friends while I was at Compass.  There were fun things to do like going to the park and Sudoku challenges.  I was also able to go to school more often and get some work done because it was a smaller space with less people.  I liked having lots of different spaces to have quiet time if I needed it and I liked doing lots of art.

I was able to return to a bigger high school and have done classes both in my special class and in a regular classroom.  I keep in touch with some of the friends that I made while I was at Compass.  I was also able to go to summer camp this summer.  I have lots of strategies to help me manage when I am feeling overwhelmed.

I am excited to go back to school to work towards getting my realtors licence in September.  I am happy that I will get to do something I love.

I would like them to know that I really loved it there and that I miss it a lot.  I would tell them that it is a place that is really helpful when you are having a hard time.  I would tell them to challenge my old case manager to a Sudoku challenge."

More Observations

“Doing social exposures and facing fears head on instead of just talking about them.”

Jacob, 16 years,
Compass Day Treatment Program

“Meeting at home as well as school, not meeting in an office builds more of a relationship.”

Brandy, 14 years,
IMHSS Program

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