More Than a Century of Service

Lynwood Charlton Centre was originally founded in 1863 as orphanages, operating the Boy’s Home and the Girl’s Home in the downtown core of Hamilton.

By 1955, it had moved its operation to its current main campus site on Upper Paradise Road, and was incorporated as Lynwood Hall Children’s Centre, and chartered as a children’s mental health centre.

At the new site, it operated a 27-bed residential program for children between the ages of 6 and 13.

During the subsequent decades, the Centre – now named Lynwood Child & Family Centre – acquired and operated a variety of programs.

Expanded Capacity

It expanded its service capacity to provide residential and non-residential programming, including day treatment, community and school-based services, to a wider range of clients, including adolescents and children with a dual diagnosis.

In 2011, the Centre merged with Charlton Child and Family Centre to further expand its service range and became known as Lynwood Charlton Centre.

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