Question Marks

Can I bring my own stuff to the programs?

You are encouraged to bring personal belongings to programs, in particular to the classrooms and residential programs.  Each program has certain rules about what is allowed  (i.e., cell phones, video games, etc.), so please check with the program staff during your orientation.

Can I take a tour of the site or program I am thinking about attending?

Yes. A tour is  available to see the programs you’re interested in and the sites where they are offered.  You can start, though, by checking out photos of each location on the website.

What are the staff like? Will I have one worker?

Each of our staff members is qualified to work with children and youth. They come from varied backgrounds.  Many are child and youth workers, and some are social workers, occupational therapists and nurse practitioners.

In some of the programs, you’ll encounter multiple workers. However you will always have a main worker you can talk to.  Some of the programs are individual, with only one worker who works with you directly.

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