Parenting a Child with Mental Health Challenges

Parenting can be a demanding task, especially if your child is experiencing mental health challenges.  Our programs aim to assist families to better understand their child’s difficulties as well as to find new and creative long-term solutions that respect each family’s unique and sometimes complex needs.

We define family in the broadest sense to include relatives, friends and any other important supports for your family and child.

It’s a Partnership

At Lynwood Charlton Centre, we recognize the importance of families being active partners throughout the service delivery process. We strive to develop strong collaborative alliances with you. As the caregiver, you are the expert in the life of your child. We will solicit your input and feedback to help guide the direction of the treatment.

Helping families learn constructive strategies to use in the home is a critical component of sustaining growth and development. While enhancing the strengths and interconnectedness of your family, we hope to help you access knowledge, skills and resources that facilitate an improved quality of life.

We value you as an essential member of your child’s care team and look forward to providing quality services while partnering with you through this phase of your journey.

Photo of mother with teenage daughter
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