Core Services

Providing Clarity on Core Services

Moving on Mental Health outlines a set of core child and youth mental health (CYMH) services that are to be available across the continuum of need, in every community or spanning communities, and across the 0 – 18 age spectrum.

Providing clarity about core services will help families, youth, service providers, educators, physicians and others understand what CYMH services are available and how to access them in a consistent way.

The service framework establishes minimum expectations for service providers funded by the Ministry of Children & Youth Services (MCYS) for the delivery of these services.

The framework defines a number of categories which represent the range of  core services to be made available. However, this is not an exclusive list – additional services may be offered to meet the mental health needs of the children and youth. Children and youth may receive more than one type of core service, as well as other services funded by MCYS or other sector partners as part of their individual treatment plans.

Core services, within the available resources,  are available across the province to children and youth with a mental health problem. However, not all core services are provided in every CYMH community. Some services  accessed by a smaller portion of the population may span communities.

Core Service Categories

Lead agencies are responsible for ensuring core services in these categories are available to children and youth in their community:

  • Targeted Prevention
  • Brief Services
  • Counselling and Therapy
  • Family/Caregiver Capacity Building and Support
  • Specialized Consultation and Assessments
  • Crisis Support Services
  • Intensive Treatment Services (including community based In-Home and In-School programs, Day Treatment programs, and Residential)
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