Resolving Complaints

Lynwood Charlton Centre is committed to providing the very best services to our clients, their families, community partners and members of the public. We work hard to resolve any concerns or complaints you may have about our services.

Comprehensive Process

When we receive a complaint, we look to work with the individual(s) involved to resolve the concerns in a fair way. Ours is a comprehensive, transparent complaint resolution process.

First, we ask that you share your concern with the staff person you deal with directly. If your issue is not resolved, or you're not comfortable approaching that person, we ask you to share your concern with the Program Manager.

If the issue is not resolved working with the program manager, we then invite you to complete and submit an Internal Complaints Form. Once you do this, the Executive Director and Board of Directors are informed of the complaint. Senior management then works to resolve the issue.

If the complaint is still not resolved at this point, it is forwarded to the Ministry of Child and Youth Services for resolution.

Lynwood Charlton Centre keeps a record of complaints and uses any learning from the issue resolution process to help us deliver the best possible service.

Graphic of the Complaints Process

Copy of Internal Complaints Policy

If you would like a full copy of our Internal Complaints Policy, you can download it here, or request a copy from the program you are receiving service from, or by calling our Main Office at 905-389-1361 x 0.

Contacting a Program Manager

The contact information for the Program Manager is provided during orientation to service.

  • It is also available on the Contact Us page.
  • Or you can call 905-389-1361 x0.

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